weekend at DragonCon

I wish I’d gotten better photos of the costumes I made, but oh well. Maybe more will surface, we certainly got our pictures taken a lot.

I made this Game of Thrones dress for my friend Aimee.

(not sure who took this picture, maybe Aimee’s friend?)

This is the best pic I can find so far of Wayne as Kratos. see watermark for credit

Here’s one I took of us in the room, I really hope someone has a shot of my costume, it was a rather ingenious feat of engineering.


I made another costume, basically Little Red Riding Hood’s revenge, but people kept stepping on my train, so it didn’t last long. I’ll have to do another shoot with it this fall. That and a modified version of the Daenerys dress will go in the shop soon.

Imagine a world without mosquitos

Most of us reading this are lucky enough to live in a world where mosquitos are simply a nuisance. Some of us might have to worry about West Nile virus, but diseases like Malaria have mostly been eradicated.
Sadly, this isn’t true for many other parts of the world and resorting to toxic sprays is often the only recourse available. The Kite team wants to change all that. from their website:

The Kite™ team is comprised of a range of passionate professionals devoted to combating mosquito-borne diseases worldwide.
We assembled a world-class team of scientists, engineers, product designers, public health experts, and entrepreneurs to transform our scientific discoveries into real products that can have an impact on the lives of people around the world.

Years of research has led them to the creation of a simple small sticker which can be attached to clothing, cribs, pet collars- anything but skin, and anyplace it won’t get eaten. The patch blocks mosquitos’ ability to sense carbon dioxide, which is how they find something to bite.

Kite used crowdfunding to source live trials of the patch in Uganda, which are about to begin. EPA approval is pending in the US.

Kite Patch from SPARKHOUSE on Vimeo.

Thar Be Dragons

So it’s been a little quiet around here, and I’m sorry about that. Quiet usually means I’m in the throes of some crazy project, and this is no different. Today’s part of that project has been the writing of a proposal summary so that we can get final approval for a project I am really, really wanting to see go live.
Working on it has been a little stressful, but I just have to note that sometimes it just really makes me stop and go “wow, this is my life” when I look around at all the talented people I get to work with, and the beautiful things I get to help create. When I am feeling overwhelmed or sad, I need to remember this update because truly my life is full of beauty and magic and people who inspire me every day, and I am damned lucky.

Sang Bu

Speaking of that, here: here is Ryan Mathern’s Dragon Sang Bu in all her glory. If I can have one wish right now it is that she can live here in the park forever so that all my neighbors can feel a smidgen of what I feel right now when they go to visit her. Sometimes living in our neighborhood can feel like living in a war zone, and the Dragon of Compassion is such a peaceful reminder of what is truly important.