Another custom piece, this time for a cosplay wedding! Frosslass:



based on this drawing the client sent of a pokemon character.

(not sure who drew this! If you know, please tell me?)



for a wedding, hopefully there will be more pictures!

Sadie Hawkins as the Cupcake Queen

Sadie Hawkins as the Cupcake Queen

I made this costume for Day of the Cupcake last year, an annual event which fundraises for various charities. I was hoping event pictures would surface, but the lighting was very low and the only ones I saw were in black and white. Sadie wore the costume again for a performance in Asheville and Lauren O’Leary snapped a great shot!

Sadie Hawkins

Sadie Hawkins


It’s a corset, pantaloons and bustle overskirt, all made with Marie Antoinette in mind.



A little while ago my friend Lindsay asked me to help her create part of her costume for a new piece she was creating.  These button up jackets are sewn from a sturdy stretchy mesh and stretch lace for ease of movement. Peplum is longer in the back in a nod to Victorian style.


I was thrilled with how they came out, and love how they work with her beautiful choreography. I screen capped a couple of bits from her performance until stills become available.

Only Bird by Lindsay R Pierce

You can see her whole piece, performed with Errin, here:

I’m making a couple minor modifications and adding them to the shop soon.

Inara’s details

Inara’s details

Here are a couple closer shots of Sarah’s Inara inspired dress from Jody and Sarah’s engagement shoot. The dress is actually 3 pieces, the maroon satin under dress, the raw silk tunic, and the sash. Both the under-dress and the tunic wrap like kimono, and either can be worn on it’s own. The maroon dress is made from a matte heavyweight satin, and the sleeves from a lightweight chiffon. It’s designed to trail slightly, and be a little shorter in front. The sleeves are slit on the upper arm, with a small button at the elbow. They are attached to the dress only at the shoulder.

The tunic is cut from an iridescent burgundy/purple/green fabric with the feel of raw silk.  Specialty silk fringe trims the edges. The sash is made from an embroidered satin fabric and simply knots in the back. This was quite a lot of fun to make, I’m adding it to the shop as a custom order, no two dresses will be exactly alike.