This is my first go at making a tutorial, so pardon if it’s a little bit sparse. I get so involved in the making that sometimes I forget to stop and take photos! Anyway, if you click on this first picture, it will take you to the tutorial on how to recycle old t-shirts into a new pair of panties! If you follow this and get a good result, I’d love to see pictures in the comments.


5 thoughts on “tutorial

  1. I’ve seen other tutorials on this but have never actually tried it. I’m intrigued by the concept. However, I have a question… aren’t they BAGGY??

  2. actually no, they aren’t baggy. They fit like boy short panties, not normal full-butt (is there a word for those?) panties. The key is finding a good pair to cut the pattern from, and having some concept of how much the starting tee shirt is going to stretch, and matching the two up.

  3. Actually, no they aren’t baggy at all. The best tip I have is to match the stretch level in your tee shirt to the stretch level in the panties you are making your pattern from.

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