Mission:Possible! making shopping bags

So every week or so, the ladies of SuperCute! get together to work on crafty projects. It’s a little different than a regular craft night because we aren’t working on personal projects. Instead, we try and collaborate on projects that will help us make a difference in the world. We call these project nights Mission:Possible! because we really do think that all it takes is showing people how things can easily be different, and if the results are cute to boot? Well it’s just that much better!

Last night we worked on making shopping bags for the upcoming Inman Park Festival. Originally, we’d planned to make them out of newspaper, but we realized that if we made them out of something a little sturdier, perhaps people would use them for all their day’s purchases and not use any plastic bags at all. Maybe, just maybe, they would even continue to use them for errands beyond the festival! (I think I would just faint right on the floor out of joy if I ever saw one of our bags in Target. srsly.)

Anyway, Becky likes to use vintage sheets for parts of her lunch sets, and sometimes those come in sets. This means there’s always a bunch leftover because who wants 74 lunch kits out of the same fabric? haha. So, we started working our way thru her leftovers.

These are just a simple rectangular shape, with stitched sides and triangles sewn into the bottom to give it what would be a grovery-bag shape if it were paper. The softness of the fabric makes them hang like hobo bags, which we sort of really dig. The straps are scraps from either the edges of pillowcases, or just leftover strips of fabric from our pile that are too small to use for much else. These are simply sewn freebies that will hopefully get a few uses from our customers. I think we’ll even offer a discount on future purchases if they bring the bag back to be refilled, hahaha.

First, wash and iron!
SuperCute! shopping bags

next: sew!!!
SuperCute! shopping bags

third, put on handles!
supercute! shopping bag

finished bags!
supercute! shopping bag


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