jobs and dishwashers and cows… oh my.

I’ve been hearing/reading a lot about the new economic stimulus package and the “green economy”. Here’s one prediction of the hottest jobs for the new economy. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be awfully happy doing more than a couple of them. Hmm… wonder how to make that happen??

10 Hottest Green Jobs!

And while I’m linking, there’s been quite the debate in our household over handwashing vs dishwashing machines. I want one! (and it would be new and Energy Star and I swear I would only run it full to the briiiim……….) Anyway, here’s the scoop: In most cases, Dishwashers win!

Aaand in less awesome news, here’s a little piece about “naturally raised” meat. Warning… that label means much less than it should.

Dolly for Dinner?

Ok, I can’t end a post on such a depressing note. So go read this article and check out these completely awesome recipes from Mark Bittman! Thanks to our friend Rob for the heads’ up on that last one!!

oh, hai! here’s a kitten!





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