Time Bank, Atlanta!

I was forwarded this message by a fellow freedom gardener and I thought I’d share in case anyone else local might be interested!

Hello Neighbors,

I emailed a while back about starting a Time bank in Atlanta. I had some people show interest and we have been meeting to discuss how to get this off of the ground. We find ourselves in a position where we could use a few more folks that have the time and attention to give towards steering this endeavor and helping to get it off of the ground. (It will not be a huge amount of time, maybe two hour Sunday meetings every two weeks and a little personal time.) I know everyone is busy but I personally believe that a Time Bank could go a long way in helping all of us use our time more effectively.

If you would like to read/watch about what a time bank is please peruse the links below:

I see Time Banking as one facet in an effort to Relocalize our economy, to help build a more robust and resilient community.

We will be having a meeting this Sunday at the Lake Claire Cohousing common house from 4 PM to 6 PM where we will cover the following:

Intro to Time Banking (if needed)
Introduction to Holacracy/Holacratic governance
Discussion of requisite roles and nominations/assignment of those roles
501(c3) Information

Holacracy is a dynamic self governance model that is a culmination of the best thinking to date as espoused by the folks at



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