It’s 16 degrees out, with a windchill of 1. It’s so cold inside that I’m wearing shoes and still can’t feel my toes.

This is a 2 cup of coffee morning, only I’m not drinking it so much as reheating it and holding the cup.

Tried to make some more jewelery this morning, fingers are too cold for wiring. Listed what I made yesterday in the shop, just in time for sweetie day, if you partake in those sorts of things.

Alice EarringsTime Traveller's Earringsanais
sakuraCloak & DaggerGarden District Earrings
hello owlshangri-la

Yesterday W worked from home, which meant we got to eat lunch together. We had Messican. It was Messy.


It must be a sign of hard times when Ramen has doubled in price. Yes, I’m eating a lot of ramen these days. Warm noodles rule. See: 16 degrees.
In more weather related news, I decided this was a good time to let the oven run a self-clean cycle. Let’s see if it helps any.
Ok, I’ll shut up about the weather.

Triscuit is a very trusting cat:


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