Berry Vines (locals)

Remember Becky’s Muscadine Wine experiment? Interested in growing some muscadines of your own?

MUSCADINES are truly a fruit for the south and rewarding to grow. You will need a least 20 ft of trellis space in a sunny
location to get them established. With some yearly pruning you will be rewarded with either good eating, or juice/wine making
results. You may grow only one vine or many with our Granny Val and Noble varieties since they self-pollinate to develop fruit.
Publication on “Home Garden Muscadines”

Or, how about some blueberries or blackberries so you can enjoy homemade pies and jams all year round!

BLUEBERRIES are relatively pest free and require little care once established. The average family needs 4-6 bushes. You can
plant as few as two plants as long as you have two varieties for good cross-pollination. They prefer full sun, but can tolerate
some shading. They will produce a small quantity of berries the first year and produce up to 2 gallons per bush after 3 years.
You can plant them as close as 4-6 feet for a hedge or screening affect, or 10-12 feet apart as specimen plants. “Publication on
Home Garden Blueberries”
BLACKBERRIES are self-fruitful so you can plant just one plant and still get fruit. The average family needs 10-15 plants. They
yield more in full sun but can tolerate some shade. They can be planted as close as two feet apart for a hedge or screen. Some
choose to trellis for a neat landscape effect. Thornless blackberries are relatively pest free and require little care once established.
The Arapaho and Navaho varieties are not as aggressive as their wild cousins and won’t invade your flower or vegetable
garden. With simple renewal pruning each winter, you can expect yields up to 3-4 pints per plant over 4-8 weeks. Publication on
“Home Garden Raspberries/Blackberries”

Well, here’s your chance to get some great deals on locally-suited varieties of these three vines!:

Gwinnett Extension Plant Sale – January thru March 4th, 2009

Orders are being taken for the annual Gwinnett Extension Plant Sale. Forms can be pulled from our website. This year we are offering a new Native Azalea that will bloom Orange named Gregory Bald, and also returning will be the Admiral Semmes. In tradition, we will be offering our Blueberry and Blackberry bushes plus the FREE class – “Planting – Pruning and Care” for your plants. We also have 3 varieties of Crape Myrtles along with Viburnums, Heucheras (Coral Bells) and Muscadine Vines. Orders will be taken from now until March 4th. Pick up date for plants will be Thursday, March 12th at Gwinnett County Fairgrounds. We accept check or cash only for our prepaid orders. If you have any questions, please contact Tim Daly at Gwinnett Extension –
The Gwinnett County Cooperative Extension Service operates as part of the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and College of Family and Consumer Sciences. The Extension Service also functions as an educational division of the Gwinnett County Department of Community Services and receives some funding from the Gwinnett County Board of Education.

I know I will be checking out this sale for sure! I miss my old yard full of blackberries and they’re definitely on the list to plant this year!


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