More sad news

My great-uncle who lived in Florida passed away last week sometime. He was a reclusive man, incredibly intelligent and kind, but unfortunately was never quite the same after WWII. He was almost to the point of being a shut in, and unfortunately had developed hoarding tendencies. The house he lived in is in bad need of cleaning out, and probably more repairs than any of us know how to handle. The rest of my family is already down there, I’ll be headed out tomorrow to help them find the floors and see what can be salvaged.

It’s such a sad story, his is. We never really knew what to do for him in life, he was too smart and independent to ask for help, and truthfully he didn’t need any, or at least any that exists. You just can’t fix the sort of broken the Army made him. Say a prayer for his soul, if you believe in such things. He was a good man and didn’t deserve this.


One thought on “More sad news

  1. hi lori,
    been keeping up with you on twitter, and i got worried so i popped over here. i really hope you re getting through this and that things are starting to be ok.

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