Reuseable Coffee Sleeve? sure, but how about reuseable Coffee CUP?

So this morning I saw an article on Treehugger about coffee sleeves and it reminded me of something my family and I were discussing during our travels earlier this year. See, a certain family member of mine spends a lot of unavoidable time in her car for her job and that means she also spends an awful lot of time with a cup of coffee in the car’s cup holder. Now, she’s taken to saving the cups whenever she gets coffee at a chain, then re-using those when she refills from home. However, these are only good for a few uses.
She’s tried to go the plastic refillable cup route by buying cups at a couple different chain stores, but has found that they tend to not hold up in the dishwasher, which renders them not much more useful than the reused paper ones. Furthermore, in some cases they don’t fit her cupholder like the paper cups do, and she can also only refill them from the same chain they came from.


So I was thinking about getting her one of these, which is modelled exactly on traditional paper cups, but is made from ceramic with a silicone lid. Washable, sturdy, the perfect size for cupholders! What more could anyone ask for?

Apparently for coffee chains to allow their employees to actually fill these cups if people bring them in.
(I’ve heard stories about employees pouring coffee into their paper cups and then telling the customer to transfer it, then throwing away the paper cup. *headdesk*)

It’s a fight between stores wanting “branding” and people wanting to be more conscious of their waste. I wonder how this one will play out? Seems like a great opportunity for indie coffee shops to stand out from their chain competitors, doesn’t it? Does your local coffee shop allow people to bring their own mugs? Ask! Let’s start a revolution!


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