Will the Rust Belt become the new Green Belt?

So back when we first started hearing about houses for 100$ in places like Detroit, I joked (ok, I wasn’t entirely joking) that prices were so good that we should move up there and buy a block. My husband’s response was “but then we’d have to live in Detroit”. Now, sure, we couldn’t do much about those cold, cold winters, BUT isn’t where you live mostly about the community anyway? Seems like if enough like-minded people could join together they could totally revitalize an area. With houses at that price, if you had a small nest egg you wouldn’t need a job for a bit anyhow.

Well, it looks like maybe I was right and a few other people had not only a similar idea, but the wherewithal to actually do something about it! According to a post from TreeHugger, referring to an article in the New York Times:
We have wondered if the attraction of cheap real estate might lead to the revitalization of rust belt cities into greener, more self sufficient communities. Toby Barlow writes in the New York Times about his move to Detroit, (into a famous Miesian townhouse community) but also of others there who are rebuilding a neighbourhood, complete with local farming, solar heating and a mini-community solar electric grid, and more. They started with a house for under two thousand dollars.

I see a great opportunity here for people who can get up and move to create an entirely different Detroit. While we’re working on our own little compound here, it’s still remarkably tempting when you see abandoned houses like these:
creative commons flickr photo by KatherineofChicago


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