top ten toxic foods

I saw this list the other day and while I knew most of the foods on it, I have to admit I didn’t know all of the reasons WHY some foods were on the list.

A quick run-down (go check the original list for all the gory details)
1. Farmed Salmon
2. Conventionally Grown Bell Peppers (the most residual pesticides of any fruit or vegetable! eek!)
This was the biggie for me:
3. Non-Organic Strawberries
In order to increase sweetness, some growers of non-organic strawberries are said to irrigate the plants with water laced with the artificial sweetener NutraSweet. And that luscious red color is caused by the fungicide captan, recognized by the EPA as aprobable human carcinogen.

AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! irrigated with NutraSweet? Fungicides for color???? WTF people!!!!!!!!

4. Chilean Sea Bass (mercury)
5. Non-Organic Peaches (pesticide residue)
6. Genetically Modified Corn (self-explanatory)
7. Bluefin Tuna (overfishing and mercury… double whammy!)
8. Industrially Farmed Chicken (hormones, bacteria and now ARSENIC! Ack!)
9. Non-Organic Apples (again, pesticides. apparently west coast apples are better, but it’s still best to buy organic.)
10. Cattle Treated With rBGH (also self-explanatory)

Go check out the whole article for links to the studies if you want to know more. And, support your local organic farmer!

(ps, more on local farms coming up tomorrow. Apparently farmer’s markets and small organic growers are facing their own version of the CPSIA legislation in response to the peanut debaucle.)


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