Small farms in jeopardy?

Ok, I’ve been meaning to do a bigger writeup of this, and hopefully I’ll get to that this weekend, but for now I think this issue needs to get onto the radar:

Remember the CPSIA that threatened to shut down a lot of small businesses who made anything a kid might touch? (it hasn’t gone away, btw) Well, there’s similar legislation that could do similar damage to Farmer’s Markets, small farms, even backyard growers because it is written so broadly and poorly.

You can read about it here:

Oh, and for those of you non-vegetarians who seek out ethically and locally produced meat, eggs or dairy? (or keep chickens!) There’s a problem for you too, courtesy the USDA

More on this later, but for now check out these articles and the bills they reference and let’s gear up to make sure that we don’t pave our own road to Hell with someone else’s “good” intentions.


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