Apartment Therapy Cure

Ok, last week I was supposed to start pulling together my “vision” for my space, as well as cleaning it and taking things out of it.

Well, I ripped up the old carpet, but still have to tackle the linoleum. They’re working on the roof right now though, which makes it weird to be over there, so I admit I’m rather behind. I DID pick a paint color tho, so hopefully next week I can get on that.

Here’s a “before” pic, taken and pieced together:


And here are a few shots of rooms I’ve pulled together to help with that “vision” thing.

First, this post really just captures the overall mood. Pale, clean, serene but warm. Well loved with an eye to the past.

color combo

As for how to organize the space, I am totally digging the pegboard. I may have already painted some big pieces white.
I want something similar to this over my sewing area:

I’ll also need a place to package things up and to keep track of incoming orders, upcoming shows and custom requests. I like this simple desk area:
studio/office  idea

And last, but not least, can I just move right into this space? srsly?

lovely feel

(I think all these came from http://www.desiretoinspire.blogspot.com, but I seem to have managed to screw some of the credits up. If it’s yours and you want it removed, just let me know.)


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