birdie birdie

One of the few things I was able to save from my great-grandmother’s house was a stash of vintage fabric, scraps of house dresses and curtains, some as old as the 1920’s, all lovingly saved to be reused over and over. Some had already been sewn into quilt blocks that I hope to someday turn into a blanket for the next generation. Most of these pieces were entirely too small to be used in fashion, and were also too small to make one of my usual softies. A little robin tweeting outside my window made my decision for me – birdies it was. It took me a while to figure out this pattern, I kept screwing up the tail. Thankfully the internet has quite a few birdie patterns floating around and I was able to figure out a way to fix it. It’s not exactly what I was going for, but it doesn’t seem to want to balance any other way.

This guy is perched on a piece of our apple tree that we have to cut down. I’m still upset about the tree dying, so I’m determined to use as much of it as I can. The loop is recycled from an old lampshade.

Meet Blue. He likes sunflower seeds, wisteria flowers and sunny windows.


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