There should be a rule

that legislators actually need to READ the bills they are going to vote on, and then have some sort of explanation/discussion by more than just “industry experts”.

Yes, I’m going to rant for a moment about HR759. A “food safety” bill currently en route to passing. Like the CPSIA legislation nightmare from last year, which threatened to wipe out handmade and secondhand toys/children’s products, this legislation is again so loosely and poorly written that it is conceivable that backyard farmers could be placed under the same regulations as industrial factory farms.
(ps, the CPSIA hasn’t gone away, they just extended the deadline, don’t forget about it)


Rather than re-hash what others have already said so eloquently, here are some articles on the subject:

“Rather than logically evaluating the root causes of food contamination, which are almost always caused by filthy food processors not maintaining proper standards, these “food safety” bills seem to economically disparage family farms in favor of factory farms and transfer ever-more control over food to the FDA, an odious federal bureaucracy that is unable to enforce the food safety guidelines that are already established.”

“we need to be mindful of legislative efforts to thwart our efforts to consume local foods from local producers. ”

“So, look again at what has been exciting us – Farmers markets. Local farmers. Real milk. Fresh eggs. Vegetable stands. – and realize that they are not only wonderfully healthy but fun and naturally community building. And more, they are a real economy and deeply democratic – and just at a time we need something that works economically, that supports our democratic rebirth, and that protects food itself and our easy access to it.

And it is all those things that threaten the corporations … which is why we now have these massive “fake food safety” bills in Congress. Everything is going under thanks to these fools, and they wish to be there like vultures to make sure that every drop of blood that can be sucked out of our resources and us, is theirs. ”
(yes, this last article is an opinion piece, so some of the facts are wonky, but the premise is true)


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