No GMO Challenge

Ok, so I’m going to try the No GMO Challenge for the month of June.
There are lots of reasons to try to avoid GMO’s in your diet. You can read about it here. Or, just do a little research on your own. My reasoning is two-fold. First, I don’t think all genetic modification is bad, but I do wish that products were labelled. The resistance of companies like Monsanto to label their products is suspicious to me. Speaking of Monsanto, they are also my second reason for avoiding GMOs. Their crops naturally cross-pollinate through unavoidable natural causes like wind and birds. In addition to potentially being detrimental to our food supply, their determination in suing farmers who have unwittingly had their crops contaminated with the genetically modified pollen is just wrong. Further, their treatment of farmers in places like India, making crops which produce lower yields and are dependent on their branded pesticides is shameful.

Anyway, I already try to avoid GMOs where I know they exist. I expect this challenge will be quite eye opening, similar to the HFCS debaucle. Wish me luck! I’ll keep you updated on my discoveries!



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