GeoEngineering – How Stuff Works

My friendl Robert over at “How Stuff Works” has started a blog series on “GeoEngineering” (or, how to possibly get ourselves out of this environmental mess using our brains)

This week, he’s starting simple: Plant More Trees!

“In the nine days ahead, we’re going to touch on some crazy-sounding ideas. For day one, however, we’re going to start low-tech with a no-brainer: Plant a whole bunch of trees.

Yep, foresting. Trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO²) , enrich our oxygen and reflect more solar radiation back into space than parking lots and industrial sites. If there’s a surplus of CO² (and other chemicals) in our atmosphere, trapping the sun’s heat and warming up the planet, then more trees planted on more land can help us push the balance back in our favor.”

Thanks, Rob… I can’t wait to see where this series goes!!


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