Sustainable City Lighting solution: Windela.

The other night I was finding myself driving back home down a fairly dark stretch of highway. A car on the side of the road, barely visible in the dark, reminded me of the debate that’s been going on in my city about whether or not the budget has room to keep the streetlamps on. I wondered then about the use of solar-powered LED lights, which we are installing to light our backyard. It seemed like a great use of some of that green stimulus money the Feds are talking about, since retrofitting all the poles could be rather costly. Even with the cost, tho in the end it seemed like a great solution – no more power bill, no more pollution, fewer bulb changes!

One of the arguments against solar powered lights is “what happens when it isn’t sunny?”. Today I saw these new poles, which combine wind and solar and can power the lights for up to 4 nights on a single charge!


“Windela’s product, called Windelux, lasts up to four nights without sun or wind once the batteries (in the base of the pole) are fully charged, the company says.

The hybrid streetlight received the 2009 Rethink award for the top young, innovative start-up at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris.”

Wow! Now THAT is cool, especially with the added talk of turning them into Wi-Fi stations!


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