Lori in Wanderland…

I’ve had my head in the clouds for a bit now, dreaming away at what is possible, then digging away at bits at a time, trying not to get in over my head too quickly. Despite that, there are so many balls in the air I am honestly quite relieved to have been told I have to chill out for the rest of the day so I don’t rip out the stitches the Dr just put into my cheek.

In the last few weeks I’ve gotten two large beds planted, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, grapes, herbs… Boxes of lettuce and beds of potatoes will come next, but not until later in June. Also have been busily making the house next door liveable for the tenants who will be moving in this weekend. Plumbing, power tools and paint! oh my!
I’ve also been trying to tackle some big projects around our own house that we’ve been putting off as unnecessary until now, taming the landscaping, painting the exterior, punch list stuff in rooms that should have been done long ago.
And then there are the little crafty projects I’ve been working on, ideas I’ve been trying to expand on now that I know I will actually have a private room to work in, which can be closed away from curious kitten paws. So many delicate fabrics, vintage laces, feathers, gems that have sat in boxes, neglected for too long.

So yes, life is good. Even Wayne being gone during the week has turned into a positive. I get a lot done, and then on the weekends we can work on things together, or just relax and spend time together. (at least when I don’t have a festival)

Life is seeming more manageable, and more things are starting to seem possible as the dust from the past couple of years is settling. It’s becoming much easier to see where I’d like to go next. It’s a great feeling.


Oh. Did I mention my dream of restoring an old VW bus? Well, not two days after I made that dream public (I want to turn it into an ice-cream-truck like rolling venue with better music, fresh veggies, eggs, herbs, baked goods and preserves!) one quite literally fell into my lap.
Meet Simon:


yes, he needs a lot of love, but the price was right, he comes from a good home, and the restoration (recycling?) was half the point of the project. Just wait! you’ll see!


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