oh the cute!!!!

I wish I could remember who’s blog I got this link from, but aren’t these Japanese office supplies ADORABLE???
japanese post it notes

Yep, those are Post-It notes. I really wish I could read Japanese. They’re here: http://www.kok-design.jp/SHOP/DB-FM.html
I wonder if I can find a local seller for them?

While I’m on cute overload, I’m planning to make a few of these to hang from the ceiling in my new studio:
Martha Stewart's pompom flowers

I know they’re everywhere, but I still love them. And, my new studio has super-tall ceilings, so they’re perfect!

Speaking of new studio, it’s finally coming along. My work table was delivered yesterday, an old 1930’s slide-leaf table in need of a paint job, but oh so cute. I gave up on the floor temporarily and bought a huge rug. This will let me tackle that tar-paper problem in sections, yet still use the room. Have I mentioned how much I hate people who do things to houses without caring about destroying them? Yeah. Whole other rant! (tip: don’t put tar-paper adhesive and crappy linoleum over solid oak hardwood. ever.)
I’m still in the long process of packing up my old studio (how in the heck did I have so much STUFF crammed into that space?) and moving it over, but I feel fairly confident that next week will finally see me back to work. My poor Etsy shop has been so neglected, I feel so guilty! (not to mention broke!)


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