experimental living

(oops! I meant to post this Thursday before I left! Umm… I’m home now! Follow up post coming as soon as I get some sleep!)

This weekend, my husband and I (and about 1500 other similarly minded souls) are taking part in an experiment. We’re going to be part of Mysteria, a city built for one weekend only, founded on just three principles: Radical Inclusion, a Gift Economy, and Leaving No Trace.


These three principles are designed to respect the land and all participants, and hopefully everyone who goes will come home with a new perspective on what they’re coming home to.

Radical Inclusion means there are no spectators, everyone is connected and expected to make a contribution to the running of the city, whatever they are able or desire to do. This can be thru sharing food, creating music, art, performance, medical care, helping to organize the parking and camping, lighting the lamps for the evening, or whatever you can do.

There is no commerce in Mysteria, not even barter. If you have something you need, ask around. If you have something to give, share it. If you can help someone, do it. It’s just that simple.

And then there’s “Leave No Trace”… If you bring it in, you take it out. Period. This requires a degree of thought and planning that can really make you re-examine waste you might not even see otherwise. (compounded by the fact that there is no electricity in the majority of the city) Figuring out how to pack for a weekend of cooking, eating, drinking and playing without creating a lot of trash is quite an exercise! It’s also great for re-examining the things you “can’t live without”, like internet and phones!

And with that… we’re off to the mountains. See you guys on the flipside!


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