It’s peach season here in the south and that combined with the heat of summer means there just HAS to be homeade ice cream. Since I don’t really do dairy, I decided to go with a sorbet. So this:

became this:

Amazing what a little ice and salt can do!

I started out with this basic recipe from AllRecipes and scaled it up to 12 servings, since I’m headed to a potluck dinner tonight. I mixed peaches and nectarines and even a couple black plums since they are also in season. Then, I added a little vanilla and about 1/8 cup of spiced rum to the mixture. I find adding a little liquor keeps sorbets from getting too crystally-frozen. You put the rum in with the sugar/lemon water, so most of the alcohol cooks out.

Fun Factoid of the day: Despite us being the “Peach State”, most peaches you find in grocery stores don’t, in fact, come from Georgia. They come from our neighbors to the east, South Carolina. Who knew?


2 thoughts on “magic!

  1. I’ll have to try that – I bet the spiced rum rocks with the peach mixture! Hmmm, the potential is endless – chambord with raspberries, poire william with pears, blackberry brandy with blackberries…

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