bring back metal!

howell mill

I want to bring back the “burglar” bar. First step is renaming it. Decorative window grill? Wrought Iron window covering? Help me out here…
Seriously. Think about how often we leave our windows closed, locked down, with steel pins in them to keep out the people who would steal our things?
It’s been so nice here at night; even in the middle of July in the deep south. If we were able to leave our windows open wide during the 68 degree evenings, then block out the sun with shades during the day, we could live without running the AC during all but the hottest few weeks of the year.
I’m so sad that the crime level in our city is keeping me and others from opening our windows to the cool breezes. Beyond that, I wish the bar solution was more accepted. So many people are looking at window films, but they still mean you have to keep the windows closed, the air out…
I wish iron bars were instead seen as a way to save energy.. because that’s what they do. can we bring them back? please?


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