I live on the Mosquito Coast

Ok, not really, but stepping out into my garden to pick tomatoes at night sure does leave me feeling like I live in a swamp. Even in long pants and long sleeves, I still get about a dozen bites each time. Ouchie!
We already use mosquito dunks wherever we have water accumulating (rain barrels, etc), but there’s so much vegetation surrounding our yard that the pesky nibblers have just too many places to hide.
I’m not a big fan of sprays or repellents, and natural barriers like rosemary (which we have in our window boxes to keep them away from the house) can only do so much. However, there IS one dynamic mosquito-destroying machine that nature has provided us, the BAT!
According to the Bat Conservancy website,a single little brown bat can catch hundreds of mosquitos an hour!!

Creative Commons photo by flickr user Lee Carson

To encourage bats to come into your yard and help out with your mosquito problem, you need to give them a nice place to live.
Bats like houses, and here’s one set of plans for you to build your own. (Click it to go to a larger version)

BWbathouseplans Or, you can visit the Bat conservation website to get more plans, order a ready-built house, and to get tips on successful placement of your bat house.

I know what I’m making this weekend!!

EDITED to add:
Courtesy my friend Dave, here’s some Georgia-Specific bat box info!


2 thoughts on “I live on the Mosquito Coast

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  2. Will be building that little “dull house for the fuzzy brown bat” to live in! We also have had our share of mosquitoes hanging out even during the day, here in Florida. Having a Victory Garden, roses, orchids, tropical plants, and hanging baskets all around our property we must have two rain barrels to help us conserve on potable water. Being retired we watch our pennies the best we can and still enjoy the blessings around us. Our rain barrels are fed by two rain gutters that must be cleaned every 2-3 weeks because of all the oak trees around our home. We have found after 20+ years at this home that it is extremely important to keep our rain gutters squeaky clean to ensure free flowing water to the barrels. Also, stagnant water lying in the gutters actually breeds mosquitoes that also carry West Nile Virus. Clogged gutters cause overflow and backs up water to go up the roof line, causing damage to the facia, roof shingles (tiles) and stops water. I’ve finally went on-line and found a new rain gutter cleaning tool thats called the Gutter Clutter Buster and it attaches to my 2-1/2″ shopvac hose and vacuums all debris into the container. When ready to empty I simply dump leaves into my compost pile and others around plants for mulch. I might suggest you also check out http://www.GutterClutterBuster.com and see for yourself how easy, safe, and fast it is to keep those nasty gutters super clean. My rain water is so clean I sometimes find it hard to believe its run-off rainwater. So, now I can say “try it you’ll love it!”

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