$^%$%#$#!!! BUGS!!!!!


So as my neighbors probably heard me scream… I came home from a mini-vacation to half my squash and cucumbers, and some of my tomatoes all bug-eaten and lifeless. I wanted to cry. All the love I put into cultivating the plots??? Destroyed in 4 days by something that looks suspiciously like aphids, although I’m not sure they’re my only problem.
Upset as I was, there was really only one thing to do… roll up my sleeves and fight back!!

If you have bugs eating YOUR plants, here’s a handy little mixture you can whip up and attack with! It helps to hose down your plants first, and never do this when the plant leaves won’t dry before the sun hits them. Evening is best! Liberally spray the plants themselves, and the surrounding surfaces for best results, and you’ll probably have to do this every couple of days, so get used to a sore hand!
Mix up a large batch and put it into re-used spray bottles after you rinse them out!

1 Tbs baking soda
2 Tbs olive oil
1 Tsp dish soap (non toxic! like 7th generation, method, or dr bronner’s)
1 Gallon H2O

I’ve also been known to mix a little sriracha hot sauce in if the squirrels are being especially greedy.


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