why does my cat-ear hat have only one ear??

Well, I’m glad you asked.


It has to do with this guy. Let’s call him Schroedinger. He’s one in a long line of feral cats and kittens who have made their way through my yard and to the local spay/neuter clinic over the past 3 years. In this photo, he is very unhappy. Despite that, I am overjoyed, this guy was sneaky and it took me a very long time to finally catch him.


Schroedinger was a somewhat unwilling participation in my TNR program. He was released after his spay into a nearby feral cat colony. Since he has been neutered, he won’t be the father of any more homeless kittens, and that’s a really GOOD thing. Of the other cats I have trapped, many of them were able to be tamed and found loving, safe homes with my friends. Others hang around here and have suckered me into keeping them fed.


TNR stands for Trap, Neuter, Return. It’s a much more humane thing than merely rounding up stray cats and euthanizing them, and over time can significantly reduce the stray populations in neighborhoods who participate. If you want to know more about TNR, including how to get started in your area, and about places who offer extremely low cost services, click here, here, here, or here.

oh, and about the ear? When you get a feral cat spayed, they take off the tip of one of their ears. This way, other people will know the cat has already been spayed, and is part of a healthy colony.


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