I have a post brewing about some pretty spectacular gardening mistakes I’ve made this year, but this one deserves it’s own post because I inadvertently may have given someone some poor advice…

When looking at the adorable ladybugs who you are leaving alone because you think they are beneficial, and eating the aphids plaguing your tomatoes…

Make sure that you are looking at this,

which really IS a ladybug and is beneficial and will eat your aphids

And not this:

Which is a squash beetle and is doing horrible horrible damage to your cucumbers…

(I thought they were just funny-colored ladybugs. who knew? apparently a really smart neighbor…)

however, despite the best efforts of the aphids and squash beetles, I’m still getting almost 2 pounds of veggies per day out of my tiny plot. This makes me very happy!


next up: a salsa recipe for all those tomatoes…


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