soda vs seltzer

There is a difference. Oops.

So while the soda recipe I posted DOES work, it is really for making actual soda. Flavored sodas, like root beer, not barely-flavored sparkling water, which is what I wanted. Who knew?

So It looks like if I want simple seltzer water, I don’t have as many homeade options. What I need is a bottle and CO2 charger, something like a whipped cream cannister. I’ve seen some really beautiful antique ones (My mother even has some from ANthropologie) but I don’t think they work with current available CO2 cartridges. I don’t want plastic bottles if I’m going to go thru all this trouble, it just doesn’t seem like they’d last. Plus, I’d just rather not use plastic.

So I found this bottle online
glass seltzer maker

It has a new head and the company also sells replacement cartridges for what would eventually make a liter of seltzer cost less than the generic Publix version I’ve been buying. Plus, no plastic, no empty bottles to recycle, and shipping the small cartridges HAS to be better than shipping soda bottles, right?

Has anyone bought one of these? Or, does anyone know if the new cartridges will fit antique glass bottles?



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