A year of living dangerously

So. When you hear the word “sustainable”, what comes to mind?
To me, sustainability is “living in the present in a way which will not compromise the future”. That can encompass so many things, not just the environment. It can relate to your paycheck, your health, your relationships, your emotional well-being… the list goes on.


It occurred to me this afternoon while I was sewing that I know so many people who try to live sustainably, even if they don’t consider themselves the tree-hugger type. I think many of us are trying to learn and use very similar skills, even if our reasons are different, and even if we consider ourselves on opposite ends of the political or social spectrum. I thought it would be interesting to start a weekly series on sustainability, relating not just how I try and manifest it in my life, but how other people are trying to create this balance in theirs. I think so often we focus on differences, wouldn’t it be nice to see what we have in common for once?

I’m looking forward to learning some new skills this fall, and hopefully I can rope a few people into guest-posting some of their experiences. Tune in on Thursdays for some theme blogging, and hopefully a few life-skills tutorials. If all goes well, I’d like to eventually turn this into a book for easier access by others.

What do you think?? You in?


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