It’s starting to feel like it might actually happen!

The Beltline, that is.

For people not from Atlanta, here’s a great summary from the Beltline’s website:
“One of the most comprehensive economic development efforts ever undertaken in the City of Atlanta and the largest, most wide-ranging urban redevelopment currently underway in the U.S., the BeltLine will combine greenspace, trails, transit, and new development along 22 miles of historic rail segments that encircle the urban core. ”

beltline 4th ward park plan
(click to see it bigger)

I’m really impressed to see space dedicated to playgrounds and even a skate park. Our poor sewer system also desperately needs this stormwater pond. I still think it’s questionable as to whether they’ll get the whole ring built, but this is a great start. We desperately need more greenspace and park areas in this city. Having another level of public transit will be great too, since Marta basically makes a big X thru the city, leaving out a lot of access points. I can’t wait!!


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