Etsy Love

So this was the sort of morning that required an extra cup of coffee, and while I was enjoying it and trying to de-fog my brain, I spent a little time dreaming about things I’d buy in a world where my budget was a little more flexible. Sometimes, a little window-shopping does a soul good, you know?

So, without further adieu, I present 4 of my current Etsy Favorites. (you might notice a theme…)

Etsy seller Wool and Water makes some really lovely jointed paper dolls. I’ve had these on my wishlist for quite a while, but I can never decide which set to get! Check out her illustrations too!

Then there’s this print by one of my perennial favorites, The Black Apple. I think I’m actually going to treat myself to one of her button sets today.

Oh and look… another lovely fairy tale from HideNSeek. I can see several of the cards from this series framed in little white frames, marching right across my wall…

and now for a little something different: wall decals from Elephannie!

Ok, that was fun… now back to reality!
Happy Friday, I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall weather!



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