What a Small, Small world it really is!

So at the end of the East Atlanta Strut, a really lovely lady and her fiance came into the booth. He was dresssed like a pirate and was clearly having a ball. She was looking thru sweaters for something to wear to what sounded like the most romantic wedding ever. We chatted a little via email and her last name seemed so familiar that I had to ask if she had a brother who was an artist, which she did!
Lo and behold, I rediscovered an artist who’s work I absolutely adore, and a guy I modelled for a while back. His travel photos are really amazing and apparently now he’s even making films! So cool! To be inspired, go check out Joseph Guay!!

Here’s one of me, and man I wish I had enough money to afford a copy of one of them. I remember seeing them in person, layers and layers of glazes that were like gazing into the bottom of the clearest ocean. Truly beautiful craftsmanship on these pieces. I’m so glad to hear he’s been successful.


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