Oh look! An experiment!

This week’s post was going to be full of recipes for making your own staples, but then I saw this little tidbit in my inbox about a new challenge from the King of Sustainability, No Impact Man, and cooking will just have to wait.

“the Huffington Post has partnered with the No Impact Project to launch the No Impact Week, starting on October 18, in which you can challenge yourself to substantially lower your impact for a week. The point is to see what you might learn about what makes for a good life that doesn’t cost the earth and where our supply systems interfere with our freedom to choose to live happily and sustainably.”

Sometimes the best way to test yourself and see what’s really possible is to jump right into a challenge like this. This week-long experiment starts on October 18th, so you have a good week and a half to do a little research. They’ll be adding tips to the site over the next week to help you get started, and you can sign up right here.

So… Are you in?


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