Apartment Therapy Fall Cure

Ok, so I tried to do the Spring Cure and sort of failed miserably. Entirely too many things were going on, and I got stumped by the flooring in the room I wanted to cure. (My studio next door, if you recall) This time around, I’m going to tackle something slightly more manageable… my kitchen. See, our kitchen is about 80% finished. The floor is down, the wiring is done, it’s mostly just small details (and a need for more cabinets) that are left. I think I can tackle this.
This is also Apartment Therapy’s first crack at a Green Cure (seperate discussion board on Re-Nest) and while I’m mostly pretty green, I like this added twist.

So, if you’ve got a room (or a whole apartment) that needs a little re-do, check out the home page for the cure and sign up!

This week’s goals include setting your intention and creating your vision. I need to decide on an object to remove from my kitchen, and envision how I want the space to work when I’m done.

Here are some inspirational photos I’ve collected…

I really really want a chalkboard wall. Of course, we don’t really have any free walls, so this probably won’t happen.
\chalkboard kitchen wall

We have these upper cabinets, but when we bought them, they didn’t make the lights that go in the bottom. I want the lights.

I LOVE the painted ceiling here:

We need a real kitchen island. Not sure about this one, but it will be a placeholder:


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