NoImpactWeek Day One

Today’s challenge in the NoImpact Week project was about consumption. In the downloadable PDF, these steps were listed:

1. Type up a list of all the stuff you “need” to buy this week. Delete the items that you can live without for the week. For the rest of the items, figure out
if you can purchase them second-hand, borrow them, or make them yourself.

1. toilet paper. Triscuit decided to decorate our bathroom with a couple rolls of it. I hated to tell him it wasn’t really my style. He looked so proud!
2. sanding sponges to finish the bedroom drywall.
3. shingles for the roof repair.
4. a new collar for Nibbler. A friend of mine is hand making this for me and I’m happy to support her fledgling business.
5. cat litter, cat food and groceries. (took especial care to buy things sans packaging, except for the yogurt starter, but I’ll re-use that container.)
6. wood and other supplies to help weatherize the rental.
7. kale, collards and cabbages (seedlings) to replace my plants which drowned in last month’s monsoon. hopefully these will catch up and we’ll get some good eatin’ out of them!

2. Put an empty re-usable bag in a private place at home. Throughout the day, fill it up with all of your trash, recyclables, and food waste. If you’re out of the
house, carry your trash home with you. Make sure that nobody else’s trash gets in there but your own. This will help you get ready for Monday’s challenge.

I’m not entirely doing this. Food scraps still go in my compost bin, and I sort of refuse to put the cat litter in a bag I have to carry around… (eww!)

3. Just for this week, try not to shop for new items. Will you find something better to do with your time and money? Could you use this time to
spend with friends instead? What is the hardest part of decreased purchasing?

Hrm… Can I leave renovation materials out of this equation? lol

4. Go to our site and blog about your experience, thoughts, and overall consumption habits. If you’re trying something new or unique, tell us about it.


Today was mostly pretty easy since I already rarely shop for new items, simply as a function of having a rather tight budget. There’s stuff we’re going to have to buy, like the supplies for next weekend’s re-roofing project and toilet paper (thanks, Triscuit!) but this isn’t much different from every day life.

The trash thing is a little interesting. I’m realizing there’s just no good way to get around the cat litter issue, and also that while I’ve managed to mostly rid the house of paper towels, cotton balls and the like, that I might be a little attached to q-tips. I wonder what other people do about water in their ears?

Last, but not least, I have realized that perhaps starting this project while also doing Apartment Therapy’s Fall Cure might not have been the smartest idea, lol.


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