Day Two!

Today’s Challenge was all about trash. From the PDF:

1. Empty your special trash bag from yesterday. Separate the items into two piles: stuff that you used for more than ten minutes, and stuff you used for less than ten minutes. How does this make you feel? (Now put everything back in the bag and put it aside for the week.)

2. Put together a no-trash travel kit for the week with a reusable drinking receptacle for hot and cold liquids, a handkerchief/old t-shirt, Tupperware®, utensils, and reusable produce bags.

this was a great exercise, most of this stuff was scattered about 3 different rooms. Putting it all into one place, or actually into a couple different kits – one for grocery trips, one for eating out… hopefully there will be less forgetting now that I know where everything is. I also salvaged some fabric and put it aside for produce bags. I’d had some favorited on Etsy, but since I’m not buying anything this week, might as well motivate myself to make them.

3. Stop making trash. Reduce it. Reuse it. Recycle it. Just don’t throw it away. Keep a special bag at home or the office to collect trash you make by
mistake or necessity throughout the week.

notes here: luckily the city takes a varied list of recyclable items. Problem is, they’re sporadic about pickup of bins. non-recyclable items that I can burn go in the pile for firestarters. (smores!! mmm…) compost bin takes care of most of the rest, but this has really forced me to take a hard look at how badly some items (especially beauty products!) are packaged.

4. At the end of the day, take time to reflect on your discoveries and post on our blog. Answer these questions: What did you put in your special trash
bag? Why was it hard or easy not to make trash? Where was it impossible not to make trash?

again with the cat litter thing… looked at those washable self-cleaning systems, but I think they’re awfully expensive for something that may just scare the cats out of the box. Wondering what’s in Crystals litter and if it’s any better in the long run…
I got shaving soap and a brush a while back, and had been stalling getting a non-disposable razor. It’s on my list of “new” things to buy when this week is over. I should have done it sooner.
Also… Q-tips. dammit. towels just don’t work!


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