Fall Cure Update: Week One

This week was all about creating your vision. Part of that is looking at the “before” and deciding what the “after” should be.

Here’s the pic I took just before we closed on the house:

The sink didn’t drain, the upper cabinets were falling off the wall, the walls themselves were plastic panelling and full of roaches, the oven thing was so filthy I was afraid it would attack me. The refrigerator was on an extension cord (!!!), and the walls you see were the entire kitchen. (there’s a glass sliding door behind you)
It was a MESS.

We lived with a stove, fridge and washed dishes in the bathtub for about 6 months, then finally started working on this room. (our bathroom was the first project)

This is about 2 years later, there’s a real sink, actual cabinets. a new wall, tiled backsplash, new wiring, new floor. but it’s still not done.


A few things have been added, and I repainted the lower cabinets white because I thought the black was too dark and weird. (we had originally planned to put in light countertops)

Bones: This week I’m supposed to make a list of things that need doing, so here goes…

1. hang upper cabinet over fridge
2. hang extra open shelving
3. find and hang pot rack
4. find lower cabinet for other side of stove. install.
5. finish crown molding
6. paint ceiling
7. install undercabinet lights
8. find and install shallow lower cabinets for other side of room
9. install upper cabinets with doors on other side of room
10. get new island
11. replace broken sliders with french doors
12. get new windowcoverings
13. trim out archway
14. dishwasher (I know, I’m dreaming here, we can’t afford the dishwasher yet)

I posted a few inspirational pix earlier this week, here are more I’ve favorited on Flickr


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