More Apartment Therapy!

This is what the other side of the kitchen looks like right now. Originally, there was nothing here except more god-awful plastic panelling.
All of this that you see now is miscellaneous temporary shelving and cabinetry salvaged from other parts of the house. I painted it all the same color as the walls so it wouldn’t be so overpowering.

kitchen midway

I want to replace it with shallow lower cupboards with solid doors and a nice countertop. Above that, I’d like more cabinets with doors (probably glass) built around the window. All of it has to be no more than 12″ deep so that we don’t lose our doorway.

here you can also see our floor, which I just LOVE. It’s pergo, and was so easy to put down, and even sharpie doesn’t stain it. It’s amazing.

kitchen midway

Also: proud powertools moment:
That window had absolutely no frame, I framed it out while Wayne was in Boston one week. Yay miter saw!


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