NoImpact Day 4

Today is local food day.
Over the weekend I did an experiment to see just how much local food I could find in a “regular” grocery store. I had expected a store like Whole Foods would have a great selection, but was surprised to find just two fruits: local apples and some oranges from the next state over.
Finding veggies was harder. I am guessing this is because a lot of the local farms suffered the same fate as my winter garden: drowning. I actually didn’t find any local veggies the day I went.
Next up, I tried to find some protein. Beans? Tofu? Qinoa? Nada. Nothing. Zip. No vegan source of protein produced anywhere remotely nearby.
Regional cage free eggs were on the shelf. There were a few choices for local, humanely produced organic meats. There was no cheese, milk or yogurt, closest I found was from Pennsylvania.

Then there was bread. There is a bakery in store, but the man didn’t know where the flour came from.
Next up: WIne. There were three varieties of regional wine. It was rather expensive.
“Luxury” items like coffee, spices, olive oil (and soy milk) were completely lacking. (which honestly makes sense… these items have traditionally been regional)

My neighborhood farmer’s market is tomorrow, so it will be a nice contrast.

Today’s menu was a moderate success: bolded items were local.

breakfast: fresh-squeezed juice, coffee, a pair of soft-boiled eggs.

lunch: bread with pesto (made from my garden) an apple a slice of cheese.

dinner: pasta with tomato sauce, arugula and parmesan cheese. (pasta from farmer’s market, but it didn’t say where the flour was from)

dessert: total fail. I had choc. chip cookie dough already in the fridge.
wine: not local


3 thoughts on “NoImpact Day 4

  1. This is interesting! Perth Australia is a great place to eat local produce as it is so isolated from everywhere else that food is a) expensive to ship there, b) sometimes may not last the shipping time. I am sure our grocery bills where cheaper there too. Although hard to tell as Ethan started eating solids at around the same time we moved to Sydney….. We could get great local fruit and veg, cheeses and other dairy, wine, beer etc. Rice isn’t grown there though.

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