NoImpact review

So Friday was reduced water day. This might have been the easiest for me since we’ve been in a drought for 2 years and pretty much gotten really good at saving water when we need to. Saturday was “give back” day. We spent that day working on the renovation that never ends.

Bottom line from this week long experiment: I used this week to try and see things from a perspective of someone new to all these challenges to see what I might be overlooking or taking for granted. I definitely discovered a few things and have made some permanent changes that I think will help overall.
My biggest weakness is the car issue. Luckily my Honda gets between 35-42 mpg depending on how I’m driving it, but still I need to get over my nervousness and make friends with my bicycle. People around here drive like maniacs tho, so I really think this is going to require getting my husband on board with some rides because I just don’t know if this is something I can tackle alone.

Did you do the experiment? What did you discover??


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