Fall Cure Update!

So week two was about cleaning and fixing, and setting goals and deadlines.
While I initially thought I would mostly do a one-room cure, things that needed to be done in the rest of the house are whispering at me to not ignore them. Hmm. Ok.

I finally assembled the last horizontal IKEA kitchen cabinet (this was a real chore because they changed the hinge design and discontinued my doors. I had to make a FrankenCabinet out of a mix of parts. Luckily, it actually all worked!) Wayne hung it for me, and it’s amazing how much of a difference it’s made. It’s also amazing what a little deep cleaning will do. The inside of our microwave is white! Who knew???

We also set the date for our “housewarming” which isn’t exactly a housewarming, but it is a party. New Year’s Eve!! Liz is joining in on the fun, so it will be a multi-house extravaganza. There will be a bonfire and sparkly things, and a roaring twenties theme. Costumes and bathtub gin optional.

This week is about the “Landing Strip” and creating a healthy entrance. It’s also about decluttering, letting go of things, and adding a little color. I’m on it!!
One thing I really hate about our house is that the front door opens right into the living room. It used to be worse… it opened across from a door to the hall that was across from the bathroom. SO, if the doors were open you could see straight from the front door to the toilet. Bad!!!!
We closed up the hallway door, which also made our living room seem a lot larger. Now I just need to find a good solution to the no-entryway problem. The “landing strip” project is the perfect incentive.


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