How can robotics aid small scale organic farming?

Wait… what? Yes, that’s exactly the double take I did on that question. Then my inner geek did a little somersault and I dove right in!

I can’t even begin to express how cool I think this project is – a collaboration between Atlanta’s independent food community over at Rogue Apron and some of the geniuses over at the Georgia Institute of Technology. They are starting a new series of projects and conversations to figure out how technology can be downsized from industrial agriculture to help small-scale farmers.

To quote one of their articles:
“Robots are the Future Let’s have Socially Responsible Ones Shall We”

You can read about student projects from across the globe, learn more about locally produced food, and join in the discussions or volunteer.

I’m still sorting thru the site and watching all the videos, but so far I’m totally captivated, especially since my husband is a Tech grad. Maybe I can convince him to help me build a robot to pick off squash beetles, or zap pumpkin thieves!


2 thoughts on “Grow-Bots!

  1. Thanks for the link love, Lori! We’re just in the beginning phases of the project, but it’s really exciting. We’re building a social network to connect people and foster brainstorming. The (super beta) version is available here:

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