beyond over or under…

When one thinks of debates over toilet paper, the ubiquitous “over or under” positioning of the roll is usually what comes to mind.

However, in our house, we’ve been having an entirely different debate. It seems that we all have our environmental limits and sacrificing fluffy soft tissue is my husband’s. I’ve been trying my best to champion the cause of those virgin trees, but it really isn’t helping that most recycled tissue really DOES bear a remarkable resemblance to sandpaper. (And neither of us is hardcore enough to go the washable rag route. There’s MY limit…)

So after finding yet another potential new brand vetoed, I did some internet searching and found this chart ranking the various toilet papers by their “green-ness”.
(click for link or to see it bigger)


While I’ve already had to scratch off a number of the “green” brands already, I have hope that surely somewhere in this list is a compromise we can live with. There are a lot of brands listed I’ve never even heard of, so maybe one of them will work for us.
How about you? Have you found a good compromise in this department?

…oh, and for the record, our roll sits in a basket, so the over/under argument is moot. ; )


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