local food sources

So during the NoImpact Project, I realized that it was a little difficult to find locally produced dairy products. I started looking into making my own, and where to find the raw ingredients. My friend Rebecca lent me her cheese-making book, and also told me about some great sources to find raw milk and other necessary starters.
I haven’t made any cheese yet, but after my last festival is over, it’s the first thing on my list!
These places aren’t very far from me…
Moore Farms
Johnston Family Farm

We got cheese from this farm about a month ago thanks to my friend Bonnie. It was amazing: http://coleslakedairy.wordpress.com/

Ooh! Wow, I could get my own goat, produce my own milk AND keep the kudzu in check.
This option looks better and better…


4 thoughts on “local food sources

  1. I get milk almost every week from the Johnston Dairy — they bring it in to our coop, and it’s YUMMY, but it’s not raw. There’s a SC dairy that used to bring in raw milk, but about 3 weeks ago there was major trouble and the state ordered about 125 gallons to be dumped as a “public health hazard.” I think there’s an article in the Flagpole about it, maybe last week’s issue…

  2. Nice!
    When I first moved to midtown, Mathis Dairy still delivered milk in glass bottles along with other dairy products and orange juice. It was amazing! (and pretty cheap!)
    I miss that.

  3. You can also buy Sparkman’s Cream Valley milk, butter and drinkable yogurt which is local at Whole Foods. But from a nutrition standpoint I prefer Johnston because their cows are 100% grass-fed, while Sparkman’s is only partially grass-fed. Last I checked (though it’s been a few months) Johnston sold milk at the Wednesday market in Decatur and I’ve heard at the Mercantile in Dekalb Ave. I’m also pretty sure that there is a vendor that you can get raw milk from at the Saturday Peachtree Rd farmer’s market.

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