heh, yeah. So I normally steer clear of politics over here, but our city is facing a runoff for the Mayor, as well as a runoff for my city council district. My friend Rebecca had the idea that maybe a cohesive email campaign to each candidate of specific questions would help us both decide who to vote for, AND make them think a little more on some of the topics near and dear to us. Sorry for those of you not in Atlanta, just skip right over this post! (or,maybe there’s a runoff in your city and you might want to create a similar email campaign?)

For the record, the candidates we’re addressing are:

Mary Norwood vs Kasim Reed

City Council president
Ceasar Mitchell vs Clair Muller

City council post:
Alex Wan vs Liz Coyle
and Amir Farokhi vs Aaron Watson

House district 58
Asha Jackson vs Simone Bell

Here’s a list of a few topics that concerned voters would like to hear the current runoff candidates for Mayor and City Council elaborate on before the December runoff election.

Financial stability/recovery: What programs do you plan to begin, expand, or get rid of right off the bat to get the city back on its feet again financially?

Crime. Specifically how does the candidate plan to address the officer shortage, the broken 911 system, Firehouse closings, the revolving door of the justice system, the rash of escalating crime, and the broken juvenile code.

Alternate transportation What is the candidate’s stance on improving and increasing choices and safety for bikers, pedestrians and marta riders?

Infill What is the candidate’s stance on infill, both residential and cmmercial. What is their stance on live/work/play and other planned communities.

How does the candidate plan to protect and expand public greenspaces, what is the policy on allowing developers to clear cut?

Urban homesteading What is the candidate’s stance concerning existing regulations re: chicken keeping, rainwater harvesting, beekeeping, guerrilla gardening, community gardens and regulating farmer’s markets. How does the candidate plan to encourage these green practices in the future?


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