Winding down

and trying to return to reality…

Having a few days “off” is a lovely thing. Travelled to see my family, and still got to spend a nice relaxing day with the husband.
Today was about tidying up loose ends around the house. We ran the second to last wiring run to the back of the house, installed under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen (wow. what a difference that made!), installed some screening on the deck next door, and put another section of my garden “to bed”. I took up all my basil plants before the cold nights made them yellow and bitter, chopped them up into little containers which were topped off with a little water and put in the freezer. Tomorrow I’ll put them into an airtight bag and next time I want pesto? bam! pesto!
Tomorrow is back to reality and I have an awful lot of reality to attend to with two shows coming up next week. Tonight, however, I’m going to sit back and play with the kittens and enjoy the last of this spiced apple/rum cider. Yes I am.

Lucie - Fur

i hope you all had a wonderful weeekend! xoxo


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