Finally! Recycling for the bars in the Village!

There was some great news in my inbox this morning, tucked away inside my community newsletter.

Remember the new pilot recycling program some of my neighborhood’s residents were able to join? Well, it’s nice, but it still didn’t include any of the many bars and restaurants that comprise the heart of the Village. See, the City doesn’t provide service to commercial addresses. (It sure does seem like it would be smarter of them to do this, but whatever…)

Anyway! After literally months of work, our entertainment district has been able to get their private recycling program off the ground. From the newsletter:
On December 2nd, the half-year plus efforts of East Atlanta Village business employees and Checklist Imageresidents came to fruition with the kick-off of the business district’s formal recycling program. Prompted by the growth of East Atlanta’s bars and restaurants and relative lack of recycling across these establishments (Midway Pub was previously recycling), the group saw a need to be remedied via a free-access community recycling program for the Village.

A group of local artists who have lived and worked in East Atlanta for a number of years came together (as the Tentacled Spectacle) to vet the program, explore and finalize contract options, and to fundraise for the program’s funding. The group is led by Kate Crosby and Julia Hill.

They still need to raise more money to keep the program going after this initial startup period, as each additional month will cost 100$. Their next fundraising event will be the ArtPapers Auction, coming this February.

If you’re local to Atlanta, or if you just want to learn more about getting a program like this at a bar near you, check them out on Facebook for more info.


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