and a little something for the men…

I confess: I have a terrible time finding gifts for my husband. I suspect I’m not the only girl who feels this way, so here’s the flip side of yesterday’s list… gifts for the men in your life!

First up: Ok, just like the TV says women want jewelry, I always thought it was pretty funny how ads for men seem to always be electric razors (anyone else notice this?) I’ve been putting together a nice shaving set for my husband (it’s ok, he already knows) and that seems like a nice place to start this list.
Here’s a nice brush and soap set, all ready to ship from Etsy seller Naiad:

Need a gift for that man who’s never without his laptop? How about some of these awesome retro vinyl laptop stickers? (don’t worry, they’re removable)

Or, Maybe your man could use a little help in the wardrobe department? Here’s an awesome twist on a standard necktie from ToyBreaker:

(actually, this shop has so many awesome ties I really don’t know which ones to post…)

oh, and how about these awesome sterling silver cufflinks? Every man needs a pair of cufflinks…

Or hey, how about some awesome original art? This zombie/tiki print is by local illustrator Scott Thigpen.

And last but n ot least, you could always get him a classy vintage hat… Don Draper, anyone?


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