Pretties for the girl in your life…

We were at a holiday banquet over the weekend, and a couple of the men in attendance were discussing their difficulties in finding gifts for their significant others. Now, not every girl has the same taste, but I thought maybe I’d put together a little assortment of ideas for those of you still looking. All of these things ship priority anywhere in the US and should be there by that day…

Since all the TV ads want you to buy jewelry, we’ll start there, with a couple of original choices that say she’s special, without breaking your bank…

Hydrangea Ring by Patrick Irla

Something a little less serious? How ’bout these PacMan ring sets from LuckyDuct?

Or, how about some sexy handmade silk lingerie? This set is only 68$! from Etsy seller Clarebare, AND she’s offering a buy two, get one free deal.

Relationship not intense enough for the above? What girl can resist a little feltidermy? Or a Jackalope?

This lovely little creature is by GirlSavage on Etsy

Or maybe, your girl has a very busy social life? Check out this awesome hand-drawn dayplanner from etsy seller Veekee.

Or, you know, every girl likes a gift of flowers…

(floral hair comb by whichgoose)


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